April 13, 2007

This photo obviously taken without much light.

"So, how's your 401k doing?" asked one grouse.
"It's doing great, but I'll probably get eaten by a coyote right after I retire," said one grouse.
"All that work for nothing," said another one.

It was a quiet morning. I could hear vehicles and other things many miles away while the grouse danced.

As I have said before, I like to see at least one eye of one grouse on any photograph that I take. The eye on this grouse is almost stealth, but you can see it.

Just about a mirror image.

I like snow in the photograph as it provides decent contrast for photographs.

A little fight, followed by a little jump.


If you are out on the lek long enough, soon you photograph almost every pose.

This is probably my favorite photograph of the morning.

Sunlight shows after a mostly cloudy morning.

If you look close at the grouse on the left, he has some feathers in his mouth that are from the other sharptail grouse.

The males like their territory and will fight for it. The action shots can look ridiculous sometimes.

Grouse number 22, you are cleared to land on runway 3.



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