The Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis
A North Dakota Perspective

By Lyndon Anderson

OVERVIEW:  Following is information that I have compiled since 2000 on the northern lights / aurora borealis. Please read through it if you would like more information on a North Dakota perspective of the northern lights / aurora borealis. Also, please note that the information is copyright.

Both of the above photographs are from a major geomagnetic storm on October 21, 2001.

This is Page 1 - Overview of Information in Online Brochure

Page 2 - An Aurora Chasing Story

Page 3 - Beauty of the Northern Lights

Page 4 - Science of the Northern Lights / Resources

Page 5 - The Northern Lights in North Dakota

Page 6 - Northern Lights Forecasts

Page 7 - Putting it all Together

Page 8 - Photographing the Northern Lights

Page 9 - Okay, So You Have Photographs, Now What?

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