Week of April 11, 2005 - Part 1

This and a number of photographs are out-of-focus. It's before sunrise, and my equipment isn't quick enough to freeze the action. However, I show them just to let you see the activity at that time.

This photo - and the one below - show a female walking through the lek.

This sharptail grouse got within six feet of my blind. I was able to take a number of photos during that time.

Look at that neck stretch on the grouse on the right.

Okay, I know that this photo is out of focus - but I show it just to display what a great shot it would have been. I will get another opportunity to take a similar photo.

I love seeing the claws on the grouse on the left.

I wish I could get more photos like this. I love this action. As soon as I hear two birds fighting, I turn focus manually in that area and take a number of photographs, hoping one turns out (my auto-focus is too slow to capture the action).



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