March 31-April 1-2, 2005

March 31

Today was a windy day. On the way home from work, I decided to check both of my blinds. Upon driving to one of the blinds, I saw what looked like a giant kite attached to a barb-wire fence about one-half mile away. I laughed, thinking that this object could be one of the blinds. As I popped over the hill and looked at where the blind should have been, there was nothing. I then realized that what I saw by the fence was the blind. The stakes holding the blind weren't strong enough for today's high sustained winds. And once the blind got moving, it jumped two fences, and rolled up a steep, long hill, before finally getting tangled in a barb-wire fence over one half mile away.

Then I went to check my blind at another lek. That one was gone as well. I walked to the site and found all the stakes in the ground, still holding the loops that had torn away from the blind. It must have been a big wind to do that. I knew that the wind was from the northwest, and so I looked to the southeast. I drove south on Highway 83, and quickly spotted the blind in the ditch. It had jumped once fence and then was somewhat folded up when I found it. I'm just glad no one stole it. I put the blind in my vehicle and started thinking what I could do the following evening to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

April 1

I set this blind up on Friday evening, and to hold it in place, I put a steel post in the ground on each of the inside corners of the blind. I then attached the blind to the steel posts. It will take a hurricane now to move the blind.

Yes, there is life as some of the first plants start to grow as a result of the warm weather.


The sharptail grouse visit the lek in the evening.


Crocuses have started to pop out of the ground.

April 2

The sharptail grouse are out on a cloudy morning.





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