March 21, 2004

I set the blind up on today - and none too soon as the sharptail grouse are already gathering
at the lek - as evidenced by the scratchings, droppings and feathers photographed at the lek
(below). It was a cool day - with the temperatures around 32 degrees F., and with a wind
from the southeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. Mostly cloudy conditions prevailed.


Canadian Geese

Flocks of Canadian geese were flying mostly from the east and southeast, 
and moving the the north and west. The flocks were mostly small in numbers.

The prairie

The prairie - not a lot of color at the start of spring. But beautiful nonetheless!

Signs of last year's life

Above left - meadow blazingstar; above right - prairie onion 
(and some seeds); and below - an unidentified plant.

Creeping juniper


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