July 29, 2006

It was over 90 degrees and hot, but I went for a hike in the afternoon just because I wanted to see how the wildflowers were faring.

It didn't take long to see that the dryland wildflowers were hurting due to the lack of rain and many days of 100+ degree weather.

I did spot some dotted blazingstar, stiff sunflower, thistle, yellow aster and yellow evening primrose.

However, the area I wanted to check out was in a draw, near cattails where groundwater comes to the surface. There I saw joe-pye, meadow blazingstar, wild bergamot, Nuttail's sunflower and other wildflowers that were doing just fine as their roots can easily reach wet soil. That's the area that I will probably frequent in the next week or two as there isn't much growing on the dryland areas.

All below photographs were taken with a Nikon P4 which I don't normally use. However, I went to the farm not thinking that I would hike, but ended up doing so. I use the Nikon P4, rather than my Pentax ist D DSLR when I travel because it is so light. I took all of the photos using the macro mode, set at wide angle.



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