April 11, 2002

Andromeda, Cassiopeia & comet Ikeya-Zhang.  Looking northwest.  I had no problem seeing the comet all night long - it was easily visible, but a fuzzy glow.  Some faint northern lights can be seen on the right side of the photograph.

Cassiopeia & comet Ikeya-Zhang.  Looking northwest around 9:50 p.m.

Cassiopeia, Comet Ikeya-Zhang & the northern lights.  When I took this photograph, I could see a meteor overhead that went from southeast to northwest.  It just about entered this picture frame before the last flash of light.

Cassiopeia & comet Ikeya-Zhang - Pentax 50 mm lens, 1.4 aperature.

March 9, 2002

This photograph shows Zodiacal light & the comet Ikeya-Zhang (difficult to see, but if you look at the brightest lights on the horizon, and go up about one-third of the picture, you can see what looks like a star with a tail.  This was my first attempt ever at photographing a comet).


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