April 4, 2007
The word of the morning was COLD!

About 10 degrees.

I was never so happy to be done photographing ... except ... the grouse were very active.

The increase in dancing in early April is typical.

I arrived at the lek about 6:30 a.m. The morning was absolutely beautiful! It was mostly clear, with just a few clouds to the northeast. The moon to the southwest lighted up the landscape. It was a wow!

The grouse arrived at the lek at about 6:40 a.m. I counted 27 this morning.

I made more noise than usual (not on purpose) this morning, but the grouse seem less nervous (either they are getting use to me when I am in the blind, or they don't want to leave the lek, knowing that a female could fly into the lek at any time).

One thing that I really appreciate after photographing this morning is the work of a skilled wildlife photographer. About 80 percent of my photographs were out of focus (due primarily to photographing moving objects without a lot of light). 

I did capture a lot of photos - and I imagine what I could capture if I had the luxury of being out every morning and with some knowledge of how to capture in focus photographs most of the time.

That's part of what keeps me coming back - constantly refining my techniques so that I capture some good photographs.

Anyway, enjoy!















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