The Northern Lights

October 9, 2002

Thursday, October 10, 2002:  Last night, as I was observing the subtle aurora glow to the north, my eyes kept turning back to the northeast sky.  The landscape was pitch black, with no lights anywhere in front of me.  Meeting the horizon was a dark sky, beautifully lit up by hundreds of bright stars scattered throughout the mid-evening sky.  I had a strange feeling, that if I walked to the edge of the horizon and took one more step, that I would fall into space.  The immensity of the universe seemed so real at that point, and it made me feel so insignificant, unlike the sky during the day, when little can be seen except for the sun and sometimes the moon.  Even though I have experienced similar scenes, this one was simply breathtaking, and something that I would like to experience again someday.


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