The Northern Lights

January 21, 2004





These photographs were taken at approximately 9:45 p.m. on the evening of Wednesday, January 21, 2004. The glow was weak, yet noticeable. I had little luck finding an appropriate foreground due to snow drifts in the "backcountry." Thus, I took all my photographs adjacent to a major four-lane highway.

I used a Pentax *ist D digital camera with a Sigma 20 mm lens (aperature set at 1.8). Most of the exposures were about 14 seconds (800 ISO). In my opinion, results from this digital camera and lens set-up are very similar to film.

Please note that this is the first time I have used a digital camera to photograph the northern lights. I still have much to learn. I did enjoy being able to review the results right away, both on the camera and on a television set on the farm.

Outside temperature was about 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


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